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Welcome to Music-On-Hold Portal

Music-On-Hold offers royalty free background music for any type of multimedia projects such as:
• Music-on-Hold for call centers and other music loop systems.
• Ringtones for mobile phones.
• Presentation music e.g. PowerPoint presentations, Digital Photo Albums and Video Clips.
• Personalized, branded music tracks, melody customized for your Call Center Music-On-Hold.

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Here you can listen to and download Music on Hold melodies and Background music tracks. You're welcome to use these tracks in your PBX phone systems, IP phones and mobile phones, any type of Digital presentation,Video clips and background music to your own websites.
All music on our web site is 100% original. It is written, composed and recorded by ourselves!
In the world of Telephony systems there is a multitude of different formats for the Music on Hold. These are used in both, Call Centres and mobile phones for the purpose of Call Queue waiting.
Our music is available in MP3 and WAV a-low,u-low 8khz, 8-bit mono formats. These are the formats supported by leading manufacturers of Call Centres and PBX phone systems such as Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Asterisk, Mitel, etc.
MP3 format - is a universal format suitable for many uses.
WAV u-low - are the main formats supported by Avaya, Cisco, etc.

Music-On-Hold specializes on creating unique, personalized musical tracks for Call Center Music-On-Hold. The our studio partners with musicians, singers and sound engineers to produce low-cost personalized, branded musical tracks for your Music-On-Hold needs!

No need to pay for an expensive studio and sound mastering anymore - we can do without! Good quality Music-On-Hold with affordable prices is what we do. If you are interested in creating a unique, personalized, branded musical for your company, please contact us We will discuss your specific needs and record a musical track in accordance with your requirements.

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